Fight for Equal Treatment for all New Mexico Schools.

Yesterday, the United States Department of Justice expressed its support for my clients’ fight for equal treatment for all New Mexico schools.  Governor Lujan Grisham and Secretary Kathyleen Kunkel’s Public Health Order unfairly targets and restricts private schools, including parochial schools and home schools, compared to the way the state is treating public schools.  Public schools are subject to a 50% cap on classroom capacity as they reenter in-person learning, while private, parochial, and home schools are restricted to 25% of classroom capacity.  Private schools are struggling to reopen at all given the unfair limitation.  The Department of Justice’s assistance on this case supports the fundamental right of all parents to direct their children’s education and upbringing and we are looking forward to a just result.

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“This case raises issues of national public importance regarding the interplay between the government’s compelling interest in protecting public health and safety from COVID-19 and parents’ fundamental right to direct the upbringing of their children through education,” says the Justice Department letter, which also notes that daycare centers can operate at 100% of capacity.

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