Explosion Injuries

Explosion Injuries

Injuries Suffered in Explosions: Personal Injury Attorney in New Mexico

Burns | Blunt Force Trauma | Serious and Catastrophic Loss | Wrongful Death

In any type of explosion, where there’s a sudden and powerful release of energy, the risk of serious injury is great. Unfortunately, the circumstances that lead to explosions and explosion injuries are such that most of these types of accidents could be avoided—they are almost always a result of carelessness or negligence. If you or someone you love has been hurt in any type of an explosion, suffering any type of injury, you want to work with Buchanan Law.

At Buchanan Law, we have aggressively protected the rights of our clients for more than 20 years. Our main office is in Albuquerque, but we can set up a private, in-person consultation anywhere in New Mexico. Attorney Deena Buchanan has successfully handled legal issues in more than 20 states, but we concentrate our practice on claims arising in New Mexico. We have an extensive knowledge of the laws and the courts here, as well as the ways New Mexico judges often handle personal injury disputes.

Attorney Buchanan brings personal experience to her practice—she suffered personal injury herself, so she knows the devastating impact an accident can have on your life. She’s also worked for insurance companies in personal injury claims, so she knows the strategies defense attorney commonly employ to try to diminish, delay or deny your claim. She’s first and foremost a trial lawyer, with considerable experience handling complex cases, including wrongful death claims. She’s held in high regard by clients, colleagues and judges for her ability to remain cool, calm and collected in any situation.

We take an individualized approach to personal injury claims, listening closely to learn the unique factors in your case, so that we can focus our efforts on getting the outcome you want.

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Helping You Protect Your Rights When You Have Been Hurt in an Explosion

We aggressively advocate for people who have suffered injury in any type of explosion, including chemical, electrical and fuel-based explosions. We handle cases involving all types of explosion-related injuries, such as:

  • Burns, whether from heat, chemical exposure, electrical current or other source
  • Blunt force trauma, causing contusions, cuts, bruises, soft-tissue and more serious and catastrophic loss
  • Injuries to eyes, ears, lungs and other body parts
  • Traumatic brain injury, including open or closed brain injury, broken bones, paralysis or amputations
  • Smoke inhalation

Attorney Buchanan will help you seek compensation for all your losses, from wages or income to medical expenses, from loss of companionship or consortium to loss of enjoyment of life, or physical pain and suffering. We take cases involving all types of injury, from mild sprains to serious and catastrophic loss, including wrongful death.

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We handle all explosion injury claims on a contingent fee basis. We won’t charge attorney fees unless we recover compensation for your losses.

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