Medical Cannabis Protections

Medical Cannabis Protections

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Protecting the Rights of Prescription Medical Cannabis Users in the Workplace

New Mexico recently passed a law that affords legal protection to individuals who have a legitimate prescription for medical marijuana use, ensuring that they cannot be fired if they test positively when subjected to a work-related drug test. There are some exceptions for safety related concerns and employers such as federal contractors who must comply with federal law regarding cannabis use. If you have lost your job or have faced reprimands or punishment at work after a positive drug test (for medical cannabis), Buchanan Law may be able to help.

At Buchanan Law, have protected the rights of workers in employment law disputes for more than two decades. Our principal offices are in Albuquerque, but we can meet with you in person anywhere in the state of New Mexico. Deena Buchanan has a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the laws and the court system in New Mexico. Deena has a longstanding reputation with clients, colleagues and judges for be cool, calm and collected in any situation, even when the stakes are high. She knows that every case is unique, so she’ll take the time to get to know you and understand your situation, so that she can take the right steps to get the outcome you seek.

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Protecting Your Employment Rights When You’ve Tested Positive for Medical Marijuana

Under New Mexico’s law, you cannot be subjected to any work-related sanctions simply for testing positive for medical cannabis unless your employer or job fall under one of a few narrow exceptions. You must, however, have a valid prescription if you test positive. In addition, you may not use medical marijuana or be impaired by medical cannabis while on the job.

When you hire us to protect your employment rights, we’ll conduct a thorough investigation of the facts and circumstances, so that we can gather, assess and preserve all evidence to support your position. We’ll be your advocate with your employer, aggressively protecting your rights as set forth in New Mexico law. If necessary, we will file legal action and be your advocate in any proceedings necessary to protect your rights.

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