Tipping Violations

Tipping Violations

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Protecting the Rights of Tipped Employees

Under New Mexico state law and federal wage and hour laws, an employee who received tips may be paid less than the minimum wage, provided the employee makes enough in tips to cover the difference between the wage paid and the minimum wage. No part of an employee’s tips or gratuities can go to an employer. Furthermore, tips cannot be put into a pool and shared with supervisors or any employee who does not serve the customer directly. If that happens, the employer loses the “tip credit,” and must pay the employee the full minimum wage, with the employee still entitled to all tips and gratuities. If you are a tipped employee and your employer has wrongfully pooled or taken tips, Buchanan Law can help.

At Buchanan Law, we have more than two decades of experience handling a wide range employment law disputes, including wage and hour claims. Attorney Deena Buchanan has handled employment law issues in more than 20 states. She focuses her practice, however, on claims involving workers in the Land of Enchantment. She has an extensive knowledge of the laws and processes in New Mexico.

Deena is a highly experienced trial lawyer who has served as lead counsel on complex and high-profile employment law controversies. She’s revered by clients, judges and other attorneys for her patience and calm demeanor throughout trial.

At Buchanan Law, we maintain offices in Albuquerque, but will travel to meet with you in person anywhere in New Mexico. We’ll take the time to learn the intricate details of your case, so that we can customize our counsel to get the outcome you want. To learn if you qualify for a free initial consultation, call our offices at 505-900-3559 or contact us online.

Our Representation of Tipped Employees

We provide comprehensive counsel to women and men whose rights as tipped employees have been violated. When you hire us, we will fully investigate the facts of your case, seeking to establish whether your employee wrongfully pooled or took tips that belonged to you. We’ll seek payment of all wages and compensation legally due to you.

We will be your advocate at any stage of a wage and hour claim involving tips. We’ll carefully gather, evaluate and preserve all evidence to support your claim, and will prepare and file all documents with courts or governmental agencies. We will also be your voice in all hearings, meetings and proceedings.

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Let Buchanan Law help protect your rights as a tipped employee. For an appointment, send us an e-mail or call our office at 505-900-3559. We are available to meet with you evenings or weekends, upon request. We accept all major credit cards.

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