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At the Buchanan Law Firm, LLC we fight to get our clients the justice that they deserve. We prepare every case as if it were going to trial. In doing so, we ensure the maximum leverage possible to get the compensation our clients are owed. Below are just some of our notable case results. While prior results do not ensure a similar outcome, our process of handling cases ensures that our team does everything in our power to get you the result you deserve.

$11.6 Million
Hospital Negligence

Hospital negligence resulted in catastrophic injury. This was a case involving a patient who entered the hospital for routine observation but left the hospital with catastrophic and permanent injuries due to neglect and improper treatment. This case involved extensive expert testimony on all aspects of the client’s care, both by hospital administration, hospital employees, and contractors who were involved in her treatment.

$8 Million
Semi Truck Wrongful Death

Semi-truck negligence caused wrongful death. This case involved a semi-truck driver who was intoxicated on illegal substances and killed our client. The key to this case was both aggressive discovery work, and understanding the trucking laws that regulate truck drivers and motor carriers, so we could prove how reckless it was to put the driver on the road that day.

$3.5 Million
Semi Truck Catastrophic Injury

Semi-truck negligence caused catastrophic injury. This case involved a semi-truck driver who lost control of his vehicle in a high-traffic area, causing devastating injuries to our client. We were able to reconstruct every step of the events leading up to the crash that day to piece together why this happened, using sophisticated experts in reconstruction engineering.

$3.0 Million
Semi Truck & Corporate Negligence

Semi-truck and corporate negligence caused wrongful death. Our client died as a result of the defendant’s negligence in parking a commercial vehicle. The key to this case was understanding trucking regulations and local ordinances at play to show how the situation should have been handled safely.

$1 Million
Semi Truck Wrongful Death

Semi-truck causing wrongful death. This sad case involved the tragic death of our clients when a semi-driver was high on illegal substances. The key to this case was working closely with law enforcement and our reconstruction expert to identify all of the assets we could recover for these clients so that they could be as fully compensated as possible.

Wrongful Termination

This case involved breach of contract and wrongful termination for hospital employees. The key to this case was understanding New Mexico law regarding employment contracts and how the law protects certain whistleblowing activities.  

Sexual Assault At Work

This case involved representing a client who was sexually assaulted and violated at work. This case involved a complex mesh of multiple state and federal employment laws, and understanding how victims act and report trauma.

Semi Truck Serious Injury

Semi-truck negligence causing serious injury. This case involved a semi-truck driver who did not maintain proper following distance under federal trucking regulations, which caused the driver to rear-end our client as she had to slow to exit a highway. We also discovered multiple violations of trucking regulations regarding driver logs and driver hours. The key to this case was understanding trucking laws relating to hours limits for truck drivers, log requirements for truck drivers, training of truck drivers, and how to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle.

Age Discrimination At Work

This case involved an age discrimination claim by a corporate executive with a long history of high performance, who was replaced by a younger employee. The key to this case was understanding the interplay between state and federal laws governing age discrimination in the workplace.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

Our clients were hit head-on by a driver who was texting while driving, the classic case of distracted driving. We fought hard to help our clients get all available limits from the at-fault driver plus compensation from their own insurance company, who initially offered a fraction of what they deserved. By proving how devastating our clients’ injuries actually were after working with medical providers to understand the care they needed, we were able to recover the full policy limits available to them under their UM/UIM policy. This case is a great example of why it’s so important for everyone to purchase UM/UIM coverage to protect themselves when an at-fault driver does not have enough coverage to cover the damages they cause.

Pregnancy & Disability Discrimination

The employer failed to engage in the required interactive process with our client to determine what a reasonable accommodation would be, and fired her rather than accommodate her. The facts of this case were particularly extreme, and the key here was understanding the complex relationship between all of the laws that govern this situation.

Medical Malpractice

This case involved a surgical error that resulted in serious injury. The key to this case was working closely with medical experts who were able to help us prove liability and causation for our client.

Santa Fe slip and fall on ice

Our client slipped on an uncleared, unlit, icy sidewalk while delivering food to a vacation home. She suffered a broken ankle and other injuries. Our medical experts were key in obtaining a very favorable result for her.

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