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Workers’ Compensation Claims / Medical Benefits / Wage Benefits / Choice of Healthcare Provider / Independent Medical Examination / Impairment Rating / Temporary and Permanent Disability Benefits / Retaliation Claims

If you’ve been hurt at work and sought medical treatment for it, you want an experienced, knowledgeable and capable lawyer to help you pursue damages for all your losses. Workers’ compensation claims can be complex, and the losses can be substantial and long-lasting. There are many potential pitfalls for a worker who does not have an attorney to guide them, and each of those can deprive the worker of their rights without their knowing it. You want an attorney who has successfully helped others in similar circumstances. 

At Buchanan Law Firm, LLC we offer more than a decade of experience handling workers’ compensation cases. A past personal injury victim herself, Attorney Buchanan can relate to the stress, anxiety and uncertainty you are experiencing. She knows how an injury can change everything. Attorney Lueker-Eaton has been handling workers’ compensation claims for over a decade and joined Buchanan Law Firm, LLC to help injured workers. The Buchanan Law Firm, LLC team will help you make sure you give immediate notice to your employer after you are hurt. They will help you understand the complicated forms involved with filing the claim and getting medical treatment and compensation benefits right away.  If your employer refuses to give you any of these benefits, the Buchanan Law Firm, LLC team will file a complaint on your behalf with the New Mexico Workers’ Compensation Administration and guide you through the process.  If you have a pending claim, it is not too late to get our help if you are not getting any of the benefits you deserve.

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The Buchanan Law Firm, LLC team bring extensive trial experience to the workers’ compensation practice. They help every step of the way, from the date you are injured up through resolution or trial of your matter.  Though our principal office is in Albuquerque, we have meeting space in Santa Fe and will meet with you in person anywhere in New Mexico.

We take a unique approach to every claim, based on the specific details of your case, as well as your goals. We provide a free initial consultation to most individuals with a potential workers’ compensation claim. Call the offices of Buchanan Law Firm, LLC at 505-900-3559 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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