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Protection When You’ve Been Treated Differently at Work: Harassment in the Workplace

Under a number of federal laws, as well as the New Mexico Human Rights Act, discrimination is the workplace based on certain personal characteristics is against the law. That doesn’t mean, though, that it doesn’t happen. When you are denied a promotion or benefit, demoted or given an undesirable work assignment because of your gender, race, religious affiliation or other immutable trait, you have the right to file legal action to put an end to it, and to recover damages for any losses you have incurred. Buchanan Law Firm, LLC can help.

At Buchanan Law Firm, LLC we have tenaciously protected our clients’ rights for more than two decades. Attorney Deena Buchanan focuses her practice now on the needs of people in New Mexico, where she has a thorough knowledge of the laws and procedures. We have offices in Albuquerque, but can come to meet with you face-to-face anywhere in New Mexico.

Deena brings a wealth of trial experience to every case she takes, including experience serving as lead litigator in a number of high-profile, high-dollar disputes. She’s earned the respect and admiration of clients, colleagues and judges for her calm demeanor throughout the legal process.

We know from experience that no two employment disputes are the same. We’ll carefully gather information about what happened to you, as well as what you need to be fully compensated for your losses, so that we can personalize our representation to get the outcome you seek. To schedule a meeting or to learn if you are eligible for a free initial consultation, call our offices at 505-900-3559 or contact us online.

Aggressive Advocacy for Victims of Workplace Discrimination

Under state and federal laws, workers are protected from discrimination based on what are referred to as “suspect classifications.” Specific federal statutes, such as the Age Discrimination in Employment (ADEA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, all provide protection based on certain personal characteristics. Under the New Mexico Human Rights Act, an employer may not discriminate against a worker based on race, color, national origin, religion, ancestry, gender, age, physical or mental handicap, medical condition, spousal affiliation, sexual orientation or gender identity.

At Buchanan Law Firm, LLC we provide comprehensive counsel to anyone in New Mexico who has been discriminated in the workplace because of any of the characteristics listed above. We’ll be a staunch advocate for you throughout the legal process, from the initial investigation of your claims to all interactions with the appropriate EEOC office to trial, if necessary. We’ll interview all witnesses and carefully gather, assess and preserve all evidence to support your claim. We’ll prepare and file all necessary pleadings and other documents, and will be a strong voice for you in all hearings, proceedings and meetings.

We’ll help you seek compensation for all your losses, including wages and income, as well as emotional pain and suffering.

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You don’t have to suffer in silence when you’ve been the victim of discrimination on the job. To schedule an appointment or to find out if you qualify for a free initial consultation, send us an e-mail or call our office at 505-900-3559. Evening and weekend meetings can be arranged, upon request. All major credit cards are welcome.

We may handle your workplace discrimination claim on a contingency basis. If so, we won’t bill any attorney fees unless you recover financial compensation.

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