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New Mexico LGBT Discrimination Lawyers

Fighting LGBT Discrimination in the Workplace

Though laws have been in place in New Mexico for many years prohibiting discrimination in employment based on sexual orientation or gender identity, it’s still fairly commonplace in the state. If you have been denied employment, terminated, given less desirable work assignments or subjected to other unfavorable treatment at work because you are gay, bi or transgender, you have a right to seek relief. Let Buchanan Law Firm, LLC protect your rights.

At Buchanan Law Firm, LLC we have aggressively advocated for victims of workplace discrimination for more than two decades. Though our primary offices are in Albuquerque, we will meet with you in person anywhere in the state of New Mexico. Though attorney Deena Buchanan has handled EEOC and employment law disputes across the country, we focus our practice on controversies that arise in New Mexico. We have an intimate knowledge and understanding of the laws and the courts in New Mexico, as well as the ways that New Mexico judges handle discrimination actions.

Deena is a highly experienced trial attorney renowned for her strong advocacy, meticulous preparation and composure in any situation. She’s successfully served as lead counsel in a number of high-profile, high-stakes disputes. She knows from experience that every discrimination claim is different and she’ll take the time to get to know you and learn exactly what happened to you, so that she can customize her efforts to get the outcome you want.

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Compassionate and Effective Counsel in Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity Discrimination Claims

We handle all types of wrongful behavior in the workplace based on gender identity or sexual orientation, including:

  • Rejection for employment
  • Disparate treatment, including denial of promotions, raises, work assignments or other benefits
  • Sexual harassment, including derogatory comments or other communications related to gender identity or sexual orientation
  • The creation of a hostile environment based on gender identity or sexual orientation
  • Termination

We will carefully gather and preserve all evidence to show violation of state or federal anti-discrimination laws. We will file all necessary pleadings and other documents to initiate and prosecute a lawsuit to recover damages, and will be your voice in all meetings, hearings and proceedings. We will help you seek full and fair compensation for all your losses, including wages and benefits.

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Don’t let an employer treat you improperly in New Mexico because of your gender identity or sexual orientation. Let Buchanan Law Firm, LLC protect your rights. To determine if you’re eligible for a free initial consultation, send us an e-mail or call our offices at 505-900-3559. We will meet with you evenings or weekends, if necessary. We take all major credit cards.

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