What Causes Rollover Truck Crashes?

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What Causes Rollover Truck Crashes?

After you have been injured in a truck crash, your attorney will conduct a complete investigation of what happened to determine what and who was to blame for the crash. Numerous parties could be responsible for the crash. Most often, the driver and the trucking company are the negligent parties in a potential lawsuit. However, there could also be third parties responsible for a rollover crash. Here are some of the common causes of truck rollover crashes.

Truck Driver Error

The truck driver is most commonly to blame for a rollover crash. They may make an error in their driving that causes them to lose control of their vehicle. Most often, the driver is speeding, and they cannot take a turn properly. In other cases, the driver may be distracted because they are not looking at the road and may miss the cue to turn. Over- and understeering are other ways that drivers are to blame for truck rollover crashes.

Trucking Companies Cutting Corners

If the driver was at fault for the crash, you can file a lawsuit against the trucking company because they are legally responsible for the driver’s actions that are committed while they are on the job. There are other ways that the trucking company itself can be negligent. They are legally obligated to provide the driver with a roadworthy truck at all times, and they must perform inspection and maintenance on the vehicles as necessary. Trucking companies often cut corners, especially on maintenance and repairs.

The trucking company could have outsourced maintenance to a third party because it did not have enough staff to perform the task. If this happened, you may also sue the third party if their negligence was to blame for the crash.

Improper Cargo Loading

How the cargo is loaded onto the truck can also make a difference. If cargo distribution is uneven, the truck driver may lose their center of gravity, and the vehicle may roll over. Then, you can sue a third-party cargo loader for your injuries.

Defective Vehicle Parts

The truck itself may have been the cause of the crash. A part may have been defectively designed or manufactured, failing during the crash. Then, you may be able to file a product liability lawsuit against any company that was involved in the stream of commerce. You could be entitled to significant financial compensation if you prove the truck was defective. Your attorney needs to access information about the actual part to build your lawsuit.

Negligent Road Maintenance and Design

Finally, you may be able to sue the engineer who designed the road or the local government if the road was in an unsafe condition. There should be adequate signage that warns truck drivers in enough time to make a turn. The road itself should be free of debris, and the government has the obligation to keep them in a reasonably safe condition. If there are any roadway hazards, the government should clear them in a reasonable amount of time after they know or should have known of them.

Multiple causes and parties may be to blame in a truck crash case. Your lawyer would conduct an extensive investigation of the crash to determine who can be sued. It is in your best interest to sue everyone who was to blame and let them figure out who pays you how much of your settlement.

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