Overtime Violations

Overtime Violations

Experienced New Mexico Wage and Hour Attorney

Protecting Workers Who Have Wrongfully Been Denied Overtime Pay or Benefits

Under federal and state laws, New Mexico employers are to pay most workers at a higher rate for time worked beyond 40 hours per week. As a general rule, those same workers are entitled to at least time and a half for any hours beyond 8 in one day. Unfortunately, many employers abuse these requirements in an effort to maximize profits. If you have been wrongfully denied overtime pay, you want an aggressive and proven lawyer to help you recover your lost pay. Buchanan Law can help.

At Buchanan Law, we have provided comprehensive employment law counsel to workers in New Mexico and other states for more than 20 years. Our primary office is in Albuquerque, but we can set up a meeting anywhere in the state. Though attorney Deena Buchanan has handled employment law claims across the country, the focus of our practice is in New Mexico. We have a thorough understanding of the wage and hour laws here, as well as the court systems and how state and federal judges view overtime disputes. Deena brings extensive trial experience to our practice—she’s successfully served as lead counsel on many complex, high-stakes disputes. In her decades in practice, she’s earned a well-deserved reputation for poise and composure in high-pressure situations. 

At Buchanan Law, we know that every employment matter is different. We’ll ask a lot of questions, so that we get a full understanding of exactly what happened, as well as the specific relief you seek. We’ll keep you involved and informed at all times, making certain you understand your options, as well as your likelihood of success, so that you can make good decisions about how you want to proceed. To learn if you qualify for a free initial consultation, call us at 505-900-3559 or contact our office online.

Our Representation in Cases Involving Overtime Disputes

We offer full-service legal counsel to anyone who has wrongfully been denied overtime pay, handling a broad range of violations of state and federal overtime laws:

  • Employers who wrongfully tell you that you’re an “exempt” employee, and not subject to overtime requirements
  • Employers who consistently ask you to perform additional tasks before you punch in or after you’ve punched out
  • Employers who simply ignore your requests for overtime pay, or who wrongfully claim that you are only eligible if you have kept proper records (state and federal law impose that duty on employers)

When you retain Buchanan Law to protect your rights in an overtime pay dispute, we’ll exhaustively investigate your claims, carefully gathering, assessing and preserving all evidence to support your claim. We’ll work with appropriate governmental agencies, and will prepare and file all documents necessary to initiate and prosecute claims for unpaid overtime.

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Don’t let your employer wrongfully deny you overtime pay—let Buchanan Law protect your rights. To determine your eligibility for a free initial consultation, contact us online or call 505-900-3559. Evening and weekend appointments are available upon request. All major credit cards are accepted.

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