What Are Underride Truck Crashes?

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What Are Underride Truck Crashes?

Federal regulations require tractor-trailers to have rear underride guards. However, the rules do not currently mandate that they have side underride guards. Even the rear underride guard may fail under certain circumstances, causing a severe crash. Underride truck crashes are perhaps the most severe type of crash, with the highest rate of fatalities and serious injuries. Many people do not survive rear or side underride crashes. You may be entitled to significant financial compensation if you or a loved one has been injured in a rear or side underride crash.

Underride crashes occur when a passenger vehicle crashes into a truck and ends up wedged underneath the commercial vehicle’s trailer. This crash can happen in the rear or side of a truck. The tractor-trailer has 18 wheels, but there are many gaps between the wheels. Because of the height difference between cars and trucks, the passenger vehicle may slide underneath the truck. When that happens, the driver and passenger of the car could end up seriously injured or killed.

What Are Common Causes of Underride Truck Crashes?

Potential causes of underride crashes include:

  • Trucks that suddenly stop short in front of a car, and the vehicle cannot stop in time.
  • Illegal wide turns that the truck driver makes.
  • Underride guards that fail in the event of a crash.
  • The truck driver is making an illegal lane change.
  • Brake failure on the truck.

Underside crashes are so dangerous because injuries often occur in the head and neck area. If a crash victim does survive, they may suffer traumatic brain injuries.

Who Is Liable for an Underride Truck Crash?

One involved in an underride crash or their family may have a potential lawsuit against the responsible party.  First, the truck driver may be the one to blame for the crash. They could have made a turn without checking to see if a vehicle was in their blind spot, and they may have run over the vehicle to the point where it got caught beneath the truck. The trucking company is responsible for the driver’s actions that occur within the scope of their job duties.

The trucking company Is responsible for maintaining the vehicles and can only put roadworthy vehicles out on the road. The company must inspect the underride guards to ensure they are in proper working order and make necessary repairs. Thus, you may be able to sue the trucking company for any harm or injuries.

Another potentially responsible party is the company that manufactured the underride guard. There is a possibility that the underride guard itself was defective and failed in the event of a crash. Then, you may be able to file a product liability lawsuit that you may win if you show that the underride guard was defective. These cases can be very complex and rely on scientific and technical evidence.

Challenges in an Underride Crash Lawsuit

You may be accused of wrongdoing by the insurance company. They may claim that you were following too closely behind the truck or doing something else wrong, such as speeding. Your truck crash lawyer would defend you from any wrongful allegations that could keep you from getting compensation or reducing the amount you may receive. You must hire an experienced attorney as soon as possible after the crash to protect your legal right to compensation.

Contact an Albuquerque Truck Crash Lawyer at Buchanan Law Firm, LLC if You Were Injured in an Underride Crash

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