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Wage & Hour

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An Overview of Our Practice at Buchanan Law

Under federal law and the laws of the state of New Mexico, workers have wage and hour protections, including provisions that address worker rights regarding overtime, earned commissions, tip income and the right to a prevailing wage. Unfortunately, too many employers intentionally or carelessly ignore those rights. If you have a wage and hour dispute with an employer in New Mexico, Buchanan Law can help.

At Buchanan Law, we have handled employment law matters, including wage and hour issues, for two decades. Attorney Deena Buchanan currently focuses her employment law practice on disagreements arising in New Mexico. She has a thorough knowledge of federal and state laws governing wage and hour controversies in New Mexico, as well as how our courts approach trial practice here. Though our offices are in Albuquerque, we can meet with you in person anywhere in the Land of Enchantment.

Deena is a seasoned trial attorney who has been counsel on many complex and high-stakes disputes. She’s recognized by clients, colleagues and judges for her consistent ability to remain calm and poised throughout a legal dispute.

At Buchanan Law, we know from experience that every employment law matter is unique. We’ll take the time to identify the specific facts and circumstances of your case, and to learn what you need to be fully compensated for your losses. Then we’ll tailor our counsel to help you pursue the outcome you seek.

To set up an appointment or to learn if you qualify for a free initial consultation, call our offices at 505-900-3559 or contact us online.

Our Wage and Hour Practice

We handle all matters related to federal and state wage and hour disputes in New Mexico. We’ll carefully gather, evaluate and preserve all evidence to support your claim, and will file all pleadings and other documents required by the courts or by a governmental agency. We’ll also be your voice in all hearings, meetings and proceedings.

We aggressively protect the rights of workers who have disputes involving:

Proven Employment Attorney in New Mexico

Don’t let your employer get away with violating your wage and hour rights. Let Buchanan Law help. To arrange an interview, contact us by e-mail or call our office at 505-900-3559. Your first consultation may be without cost or obligation. We are available evenings or weekends, if necessary. We accept all major credit cards.

We may handle your wage and hour claims on a contingent fee basis. If so, we won’t charge attorney fees unless we recover compensation for your losses.

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